Hello! You have stumbled across what is in many ways for me a 'notes to self' site in the guise of a tech blog. The tech blogs are basically a dumping ground for useful tips or solutions to quandries I've come across in the worlds of sql/javascript/web development. Hopefully they'll be as useful to you as other blogs have been to me!

Otherwise you may have stumbled across here looking for Li-Bo's Text Inspector, a poetry site the with an applet that counts syllables and tries to find rhyming patterns in prose. (Currently dead until I get around to rebuilding it :/ )

Looking for a guitar scale generator? Well look no further!

Even less likely, you have stumbled across here looking for a story branching web site, in which case you are in luck!

My last 5 post are below:

Date submittedTitleCategory
Friday 2nd August 2013RS Page breaks by row number and group: Using DENSE_RANK and ROW_NUMBER to create group idsSQL Server
Thursday 5th April 2012BST - Converting UTC time to local timeSQL Server
Thursday 30th December 2010Date only datetimeSQL Server
Monday 29th November 2010SQL Server date function with st, th, nd and rdSQL Server
Tuesday 10th August 2010Java infinite star fieldJava

There are plenty more in the tech blog!